Remote Database Administration
Remote Database Administration
Jolig Consulting, Inc. offers remote database support, as well as on-site database administration consulting services.
We have database consultants certified in DB2 Universal Database (UDB), Oracle and experts in SQL*Server, Sybase, IMS, Datacom, and Informix. Jolig also has application consultants certified in Java (Sun), PowerBuilder, Visual Basic (MSCD) and experts in XML, DHTML, Cold Fusion and MF COBOL.

Remote Administration is not a new concept; it has been floating around for some time, Jolig Consulting, Inc. will help free you of Database and Application grievances. Jolig Consulting, Inc. applies the latest technologies in communications to make Remote Administration transparent to the organization.

Our focus is to provide you Total IT Solutions and Support on your existing and upcoming projects.

Planning is the cornerstone of prevention. We apply Project Management principles to ensure that no areas are left unsecured. We help you in the following areas:
1. Establishing database structure naming standards
2. Reviewing and creating SQL coding standards
3. Recommending reporting tools
4. Capacity planning
5. Source code control mechanisms
6. Implementation planning
7. Establish backup and recovery procedures.

We use the latest art in technologies to constantly monitor your database, server and network activities, and suggest corrective actions for the same. We help detection in the following areas:
1. Security breach
2. Failure of jobs
3. Database structures going haywire.

The last but the most important component is to correct a system, with minimal down time. We help you to patch up your system in the following areas:
1. Application Tuning
2. Tuning Database structures
3. Tuning Memory Structures
4. Tune Disk I/O
5. Tune Resource contention
6. Tune Operating System environment
7. Database recovery