Jolig Consulting, Inc.
Mission Statement
The mission of Jolig Consulting, Inc. is to be the information technology solution provider of choice.We will add value and profit to a growing technical industry through proactive and professional consulting, training, product development, product maintenance and product support.

Jolig is on the leading edge of the technology consulting industry. Constant efforts have been maintained to provide productive and time bound services to clients by supplying motivated, technically strong, results driven, and customer bound employees.

Helping us to achieve our goals, we have developed strategic partnerships with some of the world's leading software development companies.

Jolig is doing business in a competitive industry where price has become the strategy of choice for many of our competitors. While being responsive to your rate requests, we have chosen a different approach:
to be "customer-focused" and "market-driven".

Jolig's vision is outward towards our customers rather than on ourselves. Our actions are guided by changing technologies and the competitive advantage they provide our customers.

Jolig's goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction by "raising the bar" for minimum customer expectations. We not only measure customer satisfaction through successful post implementation reviews but by your willingness to refer Jolig to others..